Tony Minieri is an international teacher and designer whose home base is The Edwardian Needle.

Tony graduated with a BS in Chemistry from Stevens Institute of Technology and then his path took a sharp left and he became a hairdresser for more years than he wants to count. While hairdressing, Vivian Rizzo, a customer of the salon was working needlepoint while under the dryer and Tony, being the curious sort, asked her what she was doing. She replied "it's called needlepoint and I am doing a stitch called Basketweave." Tony asked her if she could explain it in 25 words or less and she did. he went to the first needlework store he could find, bought a kit and worked the whole piece in one night. He was totally hooked. Lots of exploration and spontaneous road trips to needlework stores along the East Coast expanded his world and he started stitching models for some local stores. When he couldn't find anything to challenge him anymore -- not that it wasn't out there, he just didn't have access to it -- he designed a sampler. That piece was the first of his original designs that he taught.

He soon met Audry Vinarub, Roberta Ast, and Linda Kent who have remained good stitching friends. They opened his world to ANG and EGA. He was "wild" that all this was going on and he didn't know about it, so he immediately joined EGA and then ANG and started to take classes. At the same time, Jacqui Clarkson and Gloria Lennon (who owned "The Heart of the Needle" in Rockaway) met him and hired him to teach at their shop which led to more teaching, meeting Jean Hilton, and getting into Teacher Certification with the National Academy of Needlearts.

He has taught for shops locally and abroad, EGA and ANG chapters, private groups, regional and national seminars in both the US and Canada and for TNNA. He has also judged local, regional, and national competitions.

He has created over 2800 stitch and thread guides for painted canvases
and has teaching and commercial designs available.